So an old classmate, with whom I've been friends for over ten years now, just came in for an interview with my Director, and we might end up working together! I'm psyched, partly because I didn't know we had a vacancy in the first place (I suspect it's being created for her) and partly because I'll have a friend in the office again. Not that I lack friends there now, but it's different when you work with someone you were friends with first. Color me naive, but I was lucky in my previous job that a good friend and I began teaching there at the same time, so I had someone I could trust (and bitch to) from the start.

[Afternote on Mon ::03.04.2002 :: 7:30 am: That was a really short entry. That's what happens when a thought seizes me on the train, and I write it down, but after that my brain gives up 'cause it's the weekend, and I fail to add anything that would make it seem more of a journal entry and less of a brain-fart.]


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