I got up a little earlier than usual (twenty minutes, to be precise), so I thought I'd write an entry. Also, I have all this angsty energy in me. I think it comes from a fervent desire not to go to work today, although I'm too conscientious to fake a MC for it, while on the other hand I'm well-rested and shouldn't be feeling such a strong urge to stay in bed. As it is, due to my three-hour nap yesterday afternoon, I took more than an hour to fall asleep last night (after finishing yesterday's entry) and I stirred several times this morning at least an hour before my usual wake-up time (6:45 am).

I forgot to mention yesterday that in the morning, I rang up my friend/ex-college roommate in Chicago and finally got to talk to her! We've been out of touch for a few years, on account of her being in the Peace Corps, then I did a random Google search for her one day, which narrowed her place of residence down to Chicago, then another Chicago friend ran into her on the street and phone numbers and e-mail addresses were exchanged. I've procrastinated on calling her since last November (right around Thanksgiving, in fact) and it was good to finally talk to her, even though it was a bit weird at first due to the whole out-of-touch thing. And now I might spend a couple of days with her when I go for my brother's graduation in May, hurrah! I was a little bummed about that trip because original plans to fly to the East Coast to see friends (as well as Madison, where he goes to school) were nixed due to exorbitant air ticket prices. I suppose I could get the aforementioned friends to keep their eyes peeled for a cheap domestic flight between Chicago and the East Coast for me, but I'm also too lazy to orchestrate all that.

And now I have to get dressed and go to work. Bah. May it be a quiet day. I need one of those to restore my work spirits, or this is gonna be a helluva long week indeed.


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