After almost two months of doing crosswords on the way to work, I've reverted to journal-writing --- except that all these people who push past me on the train keep interrupting, without even saying, "Excuse me."

Damn, it took me five minutes to write that sentence.

Anyway, I was thinking this morning that if I had titles for my journal entries, this one would be called My File Is On TV! Which is suitably silly shorthand for telling you that all my prep work Monday and Tuesday for certain education bigwigs to appear on TV last night did not go to waste because a certain dark brown paper file was seen on the coffee table in front of one of the aforementioned bigwigs and I know the creases of that file intimately.

My File Is On TV! is also suitable shorthand for saying that Monday and Tuesday were shitty days, work-wise, and that Monday in particular distinguished itself as the shittiest day of work at the new job so far. I think what made it worse was that the shittiness was no one's fault in particular.

It began with the unfortunate news that the colleague with whom I work closely was on two days' medical leave for tonsillitis. That meant I had to cover some of her more immediate responsibilities. As I told some of my colleagues, with the TV appearance to prep and an unrelated but important meeting on Tuesday morning, I suddenly had a lot more stuff to consolidate and clear within 48 hours of Monday morning.


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