Welcome to your regularly scheduled update of What's Going On In Tym's Life.

I had this entire rant about my job thought out yesterday, as I was walking to the MRT station to go to said job, but it's become instinctive to do crosswords on the train so I didn't write the rant down. Suffice to say that I spent two hours of an already very busy Friday toying with Microsoft Word and reformatting a stupid file, just to keep a certain boss happy. I will never understand why format is more important than content, or why people pay university graduates so much money to play around with MS Word's admittedly limited formatting abilities. I was just glad when that file got e-mailed out and I didn't have to look at it anymore.

The busyness of the week extended to 2:30 pm on Saturday because I had to wait for someone to approve a document that I had to e-mail out. So I printed out some crosswords while waiting. It's no fun having to stay at work until the office lights automatically begin to dim (around 2 pm). I went home and went straight to bed, since we'd gone out till almost 2 am on Friday night too. Our good friends the Bs had a room at the Fullerton Hotel (a six-star hotel by the waterfront in downtown), so we had dinner at One Fullerton (for the record, Stuart Anderson's Black Angus has only mediocre steak and even more mediocre service), joined them for drinks at the hotel bar, then we were off to karaoke at Frog Prince. We were only there for two hours 'cause I had a big day at work on Saturday. I'm in charge of the March edition of the Ministry of Education newsletter and the writer we hired had to interview one of the political heads on Saturday morning (his only free spot) and I had to be there to nod politely and smile. And that was a really long sentence for which I apologize, but I think I'm woefully out of the habit of writing for leisure, and it's taking its toll on this journal.


Enough about work. It's not as if what I do most of the day defines who I am. If anything, the experiences of Thursday and Friday underscored how little I want to stay on and work for my current employer after the scholarship bond expires (July 14, 2005, for anyone who's keeping track).

The weekend's been lazy, as usual. No socialising (except for Friday night), much sleeping, and some grocery shopping. Don't we sound spectacularly boring?

I really need to start writing on weekdays. By the time it gets to Sunday night, I'm too blah at the thought of work the next day to be truly entertaining here...


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