What a breathless note on which to end the above comment.

Anyhow, it's just after six and I'm on the train home. It's an improvement over yesterday, when I also left at six but had to work on a set of minutes and a speech at night, and a far cry from Monday, when I left the office at quarter to eight. But my story is getting all mixed up now.

To resume, Monday was a godawful day. In addition to being stretched in twenty different directions, I also managed to misplace my (work) cellphone. I know it's somewhere in the office, and I doubt anyone took it because the number still rings (when people steal a phone, they tend to toss the existing SIM card so that when you ring it, you don't get a signal anymore; nice people who find phones but don't intend to keep them will answer it when it rings and try to put the lost phone back in touch with its owner). Bu-ut I put the damn thing on silent mode so ringing merely establishes that the phone and SIM card are intact. Cleaning my desk today didn't help me find it, alas. I'll probably throw in the towel on Friday and resign myself to replacing it.

Oh, and all this happened after I got to work on Monday and discovered I'd left my drawer keys at home --- drawer keys I needed to get to a work laptop that a colleague urgently needed that afternoon. Needless to say, I had to cab to and from home to get said keys, to the tune of $22, plus the combination of morning sun and jerky driving (and it wasn't really rush hour anymore) gave me fervid motion sickness.

[I'm not sure if 'fervid' is used correctly in the previous sentence. It sounds right, it feels right and I'm too blah to check it up.]

So that was my shitty Monday. By the time I scampered up to the room where the education minister (not the same guy who appeared with my file on TV) was filming his TV appearance that evening, sitting through the taping was a breeze compared to everything that had come before.

But my week has improved since that nadir. When I got home Monday night, three of Terz's students were just leaving. He'd brought them home to tutor them on writing argumentative essays. Since he teaches at a Catholic boys' school, you may insert your own off-colour joke here. I was just amused because they looked amused as I walked up to the apartment. Maybe they were expecting me to say something wifely and rebuking to Terz.


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