What a splendid weekend it's been so far. Last night, I stoned at home with a copy of Her World, which was as lacking in intellectual stimulus as ever and perfect for the mood I was in. I've restrained the urge to buy it for about a week now, but I gave in last night. Looking at vapid pictures with matching vapid articles was just the antidote I needed to the week's work angst. Of course, the fact that my AD (assistant director) called me at nine-ish to clarify something in an urgent document I wrote yesterday morning wasn't all that thrilling, but the Her World and chocolate raisins helped to smooth over that.

I have learned from Her World that the website shopaholicsworld.com ships free anywhere in Singapore. Also that one-day Shiatsu massage classes (where you learn to massage your partner) cost $100 per person (or was that per couple?). Also that too much sex is too much yin that eats up your man's yang. And they call Her World a fluffy magazine.

From the website, shopaholicsworld.com, by the way, I have learned that black and red are the new in colors --- black, because of the recession and general malaise that plagues the world, red I forget why. I also resisted the urge to buy a cute silver handbag from the website. I think I still prefer getting stuff in person, from a shop, where I can look things over. Pictures in magazines and on websites arenever quite the same as the real thing(s).

This morning, I had a highly successful roleplay session. (Non-roleplayers need not read on.) A friend and I are attempting to play sisters, because we both have never had the chance to play in-character family before, and it's working out quite well, even though we only play together once or twice a week. However, we're going to need to roleplay with more non-family folks soon. It's so nice to roleplay with someone who writes well and who's fun to bounce ideas off. My other roleplay session, which was going on at the same time via a different character, was just horrible in contrast: people logging off in the middle of it, an out-of-character channel discussion that caused the roleplay to come to a grinding halt, and general blahness.

Mid-afternoon, I went to my ex-colleague's home for yu sheng. (For those of you who missed the Chinese New Year entry and hence the definition of yu sheng, here it is: raw fish plus colorful shredded veggies plus crackers plus sweet sauce, stirred into a kaleidoscopic mess.) He had people over last year too and his mom's chicken curry is as yummy as ever, though not quite as spicy as I like it. There was the usual gabbery about what was going in the school I used to teach at, as well as some gossip about what it was like working at the Education Ministry. Two of us transferred in January from the school to the ministry, but we're working in different divisions (I've got the public affairs gig, she's doing organisational development, which is a catchphrase for all that corporate innovation crap that I can't stand). Apparently, O Level results will be out on Thursday and A Level results on Saturday (be still, my frantically beating heart), so I might see these ex-colleagues soon to have lunch and/or angst over results.

Note to self: Swop Saturday work schedule with someone else, since I would like to be present in person at my old school to hand out those results to my ex-students, however horrible those results turn out to be.

This is just like being a student and angsting over how one did in an exam --- except that it's worse because if a kid screws up, even in the tiniest fashion, you never know if it was somehow your fault as the teacher.

On that cheery note, I'm going to dinner with my parents. Terz is getting dressed and I should go put on some lipstick to disguise the spot on my lip where, um, there was dry skin that I peeled off. Gee, you really didn't want to know that, did you?


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