Back from dinner and the first episode of season eight (I think) of ER. Dinner was at Hua Ting Restaurant at Orchard Hotel, which is a Chinese restaurant with the most modern decor I've ever seen in one. There was the obligatory red, but there was also a good bit of zen-ish dark wood and photographs of antiques (in addition to the usual fake-looking antiques sitting around). Instead of the chopsticks holders being the usual porcelain, they were stainless steel and the ivory chopsticks had stainless steel ends as well (the ends you hold, not the ends you eat with). Neato.

The food was good. The steamed buns (mantou) were a little small but yummy. And there was the usual politics-heavy conversation from my dad, which I freely admit contributing to. It's a hazard of my job, perhaps.

After dinner, Terz had planned to monopolize the TV, but it turned out the Man U game was just ending, so I got to watch ER. It was okay. I'm a big softie for ER, cruddy as it is compared to its earlier seasons. I'm going to go read the MightyBigTV, I mean, TelevisionWithOutPity recap now.


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