The clearest sign that I really don't give much of a damn about BtVS anymore, a far cry from my fanatical following of season three: Last night, I learned that Terence had taped over some of my season five episodes --- which I'd been diligently taping out of some residual sense of loyalty to the series, I suppose, since I don't particularly care for any of them so far --- with at least an entire week's worth of anime. And you know what? I didn't even give a cow. All I did was dig up some other tape to continue taping, since I knew last night's ep was "Crush" and I might have wanted to keep it for a while, and I didn't even endanger his three Band of Brothers tapes in revenge or anything.

Yes, that is how bad Buffy's gotten.

So last night's ep was all right, but I'm peeved that I made a mistake and "The Body" is not next week but the week after. Bah.

I'm leaving later than usual (7:45 am) for work today. I'm a little too blah to care, though it means the trains will probably be a little more crowded.


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