Okay: resolution. No matter how tired I am, I need to start writing mid-week journal entries, or this whole web journal idea is just going to go to hell.

I'm not going to tell you what went on all week. For one thing, it wasn't too exciting. Really. What I did today was more important anyhow.

Today, I:

- roleplayed in the morning. This is important because I've been on hiatus for over a month. I just kinda got sick of the whole routine. Somewhere along the line this past week, I got un-sick of it. I think being on Search Crew for one of my games got me out of my funk. So while this is scarcely the Most Important Thing In My Life right now, it's still there, still something I want to do on the weekends. Maybe because I only have the odd weekend to spend on it, it's all the more appreciated now than in December, when I was lolling around on vacation and really wasting my free time.

- lunched at Parkway with Terz, then he got a haircut and I went shopping. It's just as well I didn't get anything at G2000 last weekend even though things were on 50% off, because today they were on 70% off! I would've felt very pained had I bought anything last week. As it turns out, G2000 suits don't suit my body shape (or whatever) very well, so all I got, despite the extra sale, was a shirt. I need more work-like shirts. I used to wear all these T-shirt-y tops for teaching, and they look really casual without a jacket. At least with a half-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt, I don't look too shabby.

- finalised my masters thesis proposal. It's still kinda crappy but considering that until yesterday, I didn't have half a clue what I might be interested in pursuing research in, that's not bad. I'm hoping that whoever reviews my application and thesis proposal will realize that the latter is highly mutable as I read more into the subject area --- and won't hold it against me. On the other hand, if I fail to get into the IR programme, I will first raise a big stink (since they're promising me 'special consideration') and then probably go find myself a media studies or pop culture studies programme to get into.

- napped. Napping is very important on the weekends.

- washed my hair. Also very important because after three-plus days, it was getting truly grody and my sheer laziness wouldn't let it be anymore.

- watched Deep Impact on TV. Either the local TV network butchered it grossly, in trying to fit it within a two-hour time-slot (including ads), or it wasn't very good in the first place. Elijah Wood is hot, but he and Leelee Sobieski just look odd together.

- watched last week's Buffy (the one with the troll whom Anya used to date) and the Survivor reunion episode. Both were mildly entertaining. I have to confess that watching sappy old Kimj (the older one) on Survivor talk about how important her family was to her kinda made me wonder about whether having kids is worth it after all. And then watching Kelly work from home on her laptop editing things (I love editing) made me wonder if maybe editing is the perfect job for a stay-at-home mom.

Oh, no worries, we're not having kids at the moment. Terz and I both have very unhealthy bank accounts --- current/checking and savings --- as well as various other short-term plans that would be greatly inconvenienced by having a kid at the moment. A friend of his recently had twins though. Aren't twins neat? Two for the price (read: nine months of ickiness) of one. On the other hand, Terz has a pair of twins among his latest NCC recruits and he suspects they're more antagonistic than twin-like.

I'm still having trouble finding suits for work. The problem is a combination of being fussy, wanting suits that aren't totally boring, and not having much money to splurge on nice ones like they have at Blum.


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