Mmmmm... KFC. I ordered Original instead of Crispy, which Terence prefers, but he ate it all up anyway. He also decided, while watching yet another repeat of this week's Survivor, that he's like Frank: no bullshit, do things my way or whatever, and certainly no snivelling like a certain bartender who was voted out this week. I think I'm a Kimp --- I'm not quite smart enough to play the game and I don't say what I feel too often. I'm sure Kimp's got more feelings than she's letting on, but we're both pretty naive.

I got my credit card back today. They took a while to find it, because it had been locked away in a drawer at the cashier's counter, and that stopped my heart for a minute --- but we found it and it's safely home in my wallet now. Amazingly, Orchard Road was less crowded today than it was on Friday afternoon. There were lots of empty parking spaces at the open air parking lot beside Wheelock Place, which is usually jam-packed even on weekdays. As I SMSed Terz, either the recession is worse than we thought, or the party was happening elsewhere.

After I came home, I sat down and industriously wrote out all my Christmas cards. I ended up sending out fewer than I'd planned, because as I paged through my address book, I realized how few complete addresses I have, of friends both in Singapore and abroad. I have lots of mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses, but I'm pretty low on the snailmails. I'm going to have to surreptitiously gather the missing ones as next year progresses.

Now I'm waiting to watch The X-Files. StarWorld is showing a repeat of the one that's a spoof of a Cops episode, which was a hoot and a half, so I'll be TV-bound at 9 pm. Meanwhile, I think I'll print out a few more crosswords and do them while the Rurounin Kenshin movie is on.


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