It's not New Year's yet, but here's my resolution: never attempt recipes that don't have precise cooking times.

The chicken didn't turn out well. I mean, it was okay, but it wasn't really worth the wait (the wait being a total of about one and a half hours' baking time). Furthermore, the recipe explicitly stated that I should use chicken breasts, but they weren't very tender by the time they got baked. Grrrrr. We were supposed to eat, then go collect photographs from the developing place at Parkway Parade, but the chicken took so long that Terz went to get the photos first.

So that recipe is going firmly into the trash.

Since dinner, I have showered and surreptitiously called Miffy to sort out some ideas for the aforementioned birthday. Terz is watching Kull the Conqueror now. It's a sign of how bad TVWorks is (it's the 'new' channel in town) that they're showing that on a Monday night. I think my marital vow requires me to now go watch it with him --- right after I upload this file, though.


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