Welcome to another account of a Lazy Day, in our current special season of Lazy Daze that is proving so popular at this time of the year.

I know all this talk about lazing around must be generating a good bit of envy --- particularly in a certain ex-teacher now in London who's facing far larger piles of homework than I have ever seen in my life, as well as for my brother, who seems to be busier in his senior year of college than I ever was --- so I'll keep this part brief.

I've discovered eBay. I know this is a bit late, for someone who surfs the internet as much as I do, but I have. It's quite a lot of fun. I haven't bought anything yet, though I'm watching a couple of things. It helps that I limit my interests to items being sold in Singapore, because most people seem to be selling anime DVDs, Hello Kitty toys and paraphernalia, Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts and music CDs. It's not terribly exciting so far.

I've also been sneaking around with Terence's presents, stashing them where I hope he won't find them (but he keeps looking anyway) and locking myself in the bedroom to wrap them. This is way too stressful. Now I know why families need bigger houses --- to hide stuff from the kids (and probably not just presents either).

Oh, and the eye is all better. I've stopped taking the medication and using the drops. As long as I don't rub it in my sleep again, it should be fine.

Gratuitous link of the day (which is long overdue, like three weeks overdue, but what the heck): my best friend (and bridesmaid) Tris has set up a webpage and she has fingerpuppets! Go see!

Terence and I were so bored tonight, I conceded that we would watch Enemy at the Gates, a DVD which arrived last week with Willow. Willow is still the far better movie, but this one was not bad, once I got over all the fake blood and fake bodies lying all over the place. I have to admit, all I kept thinking throughout the film was how much fun they must've had building the sets for it: all this clutter lying around that the set designers could rearrange to their satisfaction --- how awesome.

Oh, and label me ignorant, but I didn't know the Russians gave up on Stalingrad after the way. I get all the -grads mixed up.

I've started reading The Corrections, but I haven't gotten to a point where I'm really into it yet. I think the problem is that whenever I sit down on our couch, I pick up our book of crossword puzzles and/or turn on the TV, which precludes any other activity. I gotta break that habit. The Corrections, along with Don DeLillo's Underworld, is too big to carry with me to read on the train. If I don't read them this holidays, along with The Return of the King before the big movie release on December 20, I'm pretty much screwed.

Tomorrow will not be a Lazy Day but a Last Minute Preparations for Terence's Birthday Day. There may not be another journal entry till Sunday or Monday. You have been warned.


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