So I was going to go to work today and be productive, but I woke up with an eye infection in my right eye. Poop. I know I rubbed my eye in my sleep, but I didn't expect it to get all puffy and such. I shall spare you any further gory details. Suffice to say that applying a hot compress (aka a clean towel soaked in microwaved hot water) reduced some of the swelling, so that I didn't feel too embarrassed about going downstairs to see the doctor. I admit that having a doctor in the next building wasn't a key attraction for me when we decided to buy this apartment, but it's turning out to be a godsend.

The doctor said it was some virus and gave me eyedrops and some pills and told me to come back tomorrow if the swelling isn't reduced. Ick. He also warned me not to rub my other eye. Terz says maybe I should start wearing eye patches so that I don't inadvertently rub them in my sleep.

So instead of going to work, I have seen the doctor and spent several hours roleplaying. (Obviously, my vision isn't impaired at all, despite the discomfort of a mildly swollen right eye that looks like someone hit me.) Now I'm going to eat lunch and then put more eyedrops and maybe do some crosswords.

Ah -- crosswords. The poor (wo)man's amusement.


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