See, I haven't forgotten about this journal at all. I just, um, got lazy. Yeah. Call it the holiday malaise.

Not that it hasn't been an eventful couple of weeks, but I got lazy. I kept thinking to myself (while the website was down and after my friend's internet access was restored) that I should be writing journal entries, but something more attractive always came up --- like sleeping on the couch, watching an episode of The Powerpuff Girls, doing more and more crosswords, and so on.

So what did we miss over the past ten days?

During the week, Terz had a NCC camp that fortunately only required him to stay at the camp for one night, so he was home the rest of the time. He amused me greatly during the day by sending me SMSes about annoying people, poorly prepared army food (despite the fact that the Singapore army now entrusts food preparation to caterers, not to its own personnel), and other examples of military inefficiency. Meanwhile, I went back to school several times to try and finish some of the work I've been procrastinating --- like the twenty-two testimonials I must write before December 31, out of which only about ten are ready.

Two of our good friends got married (to each other) on Friday the 14th, so there was last-minute assistance to be rendered as well. Actually, that involved very little: showing up at the rehearsal on Monday night, even though I wasn't part of the wedding party, and accompanying the bride-to-be to her nail appointment on Thursday. She was gonna go alone, but I warned her how boring that would be, since after your nails are done, they just leave you to sit with your hands and feet under some miniature fans, and you can't even read a magazine, so I went with her. I couldn't get my nails done --- no money! --- but she bought me an iced lemon tea afterwards and told me funny stories that had brought her and her husband-to-be together this far.

The wedding rehearsal on Monday night was far more involved, but only because the bride's father was much more particular than even mine was (and any of you who know my dad know he's not exactly a shining example of Mr. Laidback). Nevertheless, things went well, details were ironed out, the hotel staff took meticulous notes, and I was jealous that I hadn't thought of doing our wedding in the same ballroom as they had. Okay, so we had no money too, at the time, and we had more guests than they do, but still. Envy gnaws at me whenever I attend someone else's wedding and they do something I wish I'd thought of. I wonder how many years have to pass before this feeling goes away.

Other than wedding foo, school foo and NCC foo, we had a game of Trivia Pursuit at our friends the Bs' on Saturday night. They have four dogs, one of which is hyperactive but at least she's not nipping people anymore. They're Yorkshire terriers mixed with something else and very, very cute. Mrs B has some pictures of them which would look perfect in one of those doggie/puppy calendars where the animals are looking out at you with the cutest expressions. I told her to sell them and make money, so she can finance a real career in photography that way. The Bs also recently acquired an exercise machine that was on sale, so the men spent some time playing with that. And we had very healthy tea with our Trivia Pursuit --- not just because Mr B is English, but also because too many beers will start to sit uneasily on us all as we age.

In a rather slapdash way, I think I've recovered most of the lost ten days except for the wedding itself. So here goes.


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