Terz gave up on Kull and is now playing his usual soccer game on the computer. I'm going to see if LiveJournal is working and if I can read my friends' journals.

By the way, I failed to mention that Terz and I spent Saturday night watching The Karate Kid II on cable. We didn't heckle all of it, but there were some super-cheese moments. People used to wear clothes like that? And why doesn't Mr Miyagi speak in Japanese when he's in Japan, since he clearly can still speak the language? And if Mr Miyagi left Okinawa when he was about eighteen and moved to the United States, I don't think he could've fought in World War Two and received a Medal of Honor 'cause only nisei could have citizenship and enlist, not issei. Or maybe he fought in Korea or *gasp* Vietnam. And why didn't Mr Miyagi bring his girlfriend back to the US? They were getting along all right, much better than Daniel-san and Tamlyn Tomita. I totally forgot that the latter's character name was Kumiko --- which is funny because I now know one now (who is way cooler than the movie character) and I didn't when I first saw the film.

One thing I did like about the film was that during certain conversations between Mr Miyagi and his girlfriend, the language was very simple, very pared down because she was speaking in ostensibly a foreign language --- and those were some of the best scenes in the film, the best bits of the love story. Whoever directed the film should've taken a cue from those scenes: less is more, what is unsaid is often more important than what is said, and old people falling in love are way more interesting than teenagers running around in a Japanese village.


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