My eye is better. It took several hours for the puffiness to go down, but it looks almost normal now. I'm going to have to keep using the drops and taking the pills, but at least I can go outside without being self-conscious about it. Tomorrow is another errands day, mostly because Terz's big day is coming up and he'll be neatly occupied with NCC stuff all day.

[NCC, for those of you not in the know, stands for the National Cadet Corps. It's a common extracurricular activity in secondary schools here. This is how Terz describes it to non-Singaporeans: a paramilitary youth organization run by the Singapore Armed Forces. It's not as freakish or Communist or totalitarian as it sounds, I swear.]

I finally got to see some of Tenchi Muyo in Love 2 today. Unfortunately, because I was half-asleep, I only watched bits and pieces totalling about half the film before I fell completely asleep. I suppose it was the inevitable plot direction for Tenchi Muyo, since all it revolves around a young man who happens to have four attractive young alien women fall into his lap (sometimes quite literally) one day, and all of them have the hots for him, of course. I'm still not sure why it's such a popular anime series.

Tonight's Buffy episode was the one where Buffy finally learns that Dawn is the key. I like the Dawn subplot. It'a nice to center on the family dynamic, after a whole season at college when Buffy's mom Joyce was hardly seen or acknowledged as part of her life. I've never had a little sister, and I always claimed I would've preferred one to the little brother I got --- this was when he was as irritating to me as Dawn is to Buffy --- but I'm starting to think it wouldn't've made much difference.

Gosh, today was really a nothing day.


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