I figure I should write this before I hop online, or it'll never get written. I've already procrastinated on a new entry for ten days now, telling myself I should be studying or other things, or because I wasn't in the mood to write a journal entry. But here I am, to assure my faithful readers that I have not abandoned them.

What filled up those missing ten days? Loads of studying. I spent all day studying from Saturday till Thursday, punctuated with examinations on Monday and Thursday evenings, as well as a bit of work foo I had to do on Monday (I got to pitch in at a meeting to decide who the top eighty, i.e. twenty percent, of our graduating cohort is, and to help rank them) and some meal breaks in between. I did not stay up till ridiculous hours of the night to burn ye olde midnight oil because if nothing else, my pre-university twelve years of arduous devotion to the Singapore education system taught me that if it doesn't enter my brain after a certain amount of time, it probably never will. For instance, I still couldn't tell you what social constructivism is or what the hell Arrow's Theorem has to do with it, though I read it three times and then some over the past week.

Anyways. The exams are over, they were unsurprising, and I got to see how wretchedly untidy my handwriting and essay organisation skills could be under duress. Plus my brain threatened to explode a couple of times, to the point where I felt really detached from everything going on. But the brain is intact and I got an A on my fifteen-page essay review for the international relations class (woo hoo!) and I don't have to crack the books open again till January.

Prior to the week of intense studying, I was doing some intense writing. I had to finish two economics essays, remember? That was painless, in comparison to the studying. I don't think they'll make As 'cause economics has never been my forte, but they'll do.

In between all that, I watched some TV (like Survivor --- good riddance to the two most irritating people, Silas and Lindsay!) and some videos of season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (ah --- the good old days) and endeavored to explain what a metaphor is to this guy on a Singapore Buffy mailing list.

Do I think too much? Various comments from people who don't know me --- the aforementioned mailing list guy and an e-mail I received today that was prompted by my Gripe website --- imply that I do. I always thought I thought too little. There's too much thinking in the world for a person to ever think too much, is there? It's not like I sit around, all hermit-in-a-cave and think and gripe that other people don't think as much as I do.

In other news, my colleague Mel started laughing mid-conversation over lunch today and said, "You talk like Buffy! You talk like Buffy!" And then there was great consternation on my part. G has said that before --- though I didn't give it more thought till Mel said so today --- and now I fear for the puddle of postmodern pop-cultural goop that my brain has become.

Okay: one final happy thought to end this entry, before it becomes tediously self-indulgent and self-analytical. I called my friend KK in Chicago today, just for the hell of it, and we had a lovely fifteen-minute conversation. She was stunned because she said, "Hello?" and I said, "[Her name]?" and she said, "Ye-es?" like I was a stalker or something. Then I said my name and all was well. She said the only other person who might call at that hour (just before 8:30 am her time) was her mom and my voice sounds nothing like her mom's. KK is one of my bestest friends in the world. It's a pity she lives in Chicago. She's also exceedingly hot, which has always made my guy friends (and Terz) happy. Talking to her was an exquisitive pleasure, since we haven't done that since she was last in Singapore (last year, I think) and we used to talk like every night in college, either on the phone or one person would go over to the other's place. We have made a resolution to call each other more often.

I think I'm going to call some other US-side friends now. Just 'cause I can.


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