What have I done today:

10 am --- I got up. Woo! But only because the phone rang. I said "Hello? Hello?" but all I got in return was a lot of background noise, so I suspected it was someone whose cellphone had accidentally dialled my number. And it was --- it was my dad's. Ah well.

10:05 am --- Having completed my morning ablutions (I love that word), I switched on the computer, went to the kitchen to make coffee, only to find that there was coffee already there (thank you, Terz!) and all I had to do was heat it up. I logged on, roleplayed for close to four hours (not with the same people the whole time), replied to a bunch of e-mail, checked my usual daily websites, and chatted over ICQ with my cousin's girlfriend (they're both in Australia) for most of those four hours too. We were talking mostly about teaching, since I'm leaving the profession while they are intent on signing up as soon as they get themselves back to Singapore. They're not half-crazed idealists; they just have various career interests that would, honestly, be best met in teaching. Plus they're going into it with their eyes wide open, with all the horror stories from Terz and me.

And now I'm going to post this, log off, shower, drop some mail in the mailbox, and finally get some bread and Coke and other things that can make me a happy light lunch. It's so nice to laze about. I would be so hopeless if I were a freelancer or had a home office.

We got an Amazon.com delivery too! Good thing the postman waited till I took my time putting on proper clothes (as opposed to laze-around-at-home clothes) and finding my keys to open the door. Terz is now a happy camper, since his new DVDs (Willow and Enemy at the Gates) and D&D books are now awaiting his return from work.

PS: I added links in yesterday's entry for the online comics. Duh. Forgot to the first time.


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