So I had to help with security for the biology practical exam today, which jnvolved guarding a staircase from unauthorised passersby for a total of about two and a half hours today, though it was neatly broken into three shifts between 7:45 am and now. I told myself to get more of the neverending college recommendations done, since I had to be in school anyway, but what did I do instead?

- Caught up on reading friends' web journals.
- Reactivated my LiveJournal account so that I can add comments to my friends' LJs. (Have no fear, the LJ entries are old and experimental, and I'm going to keep writing on this ostensibly not-public site.)
- Followed links from friends' LJs to read about other folks, which involved detours to time-wasting sites like alllookssame.com (I scored a paltry 8 out of 18) and fuali.com (I am very much not a geek).
- Checked e-mail every 5-10 minutes that I was at my desk.

The thing is, I'm sick of writing recommendations after the fifty-and-then-some I've mailed out over the past month, and I'm not terribly excited about the four or five students whose forms I still have. And so many of them are applying to the same schools (what is it about Singaporeans and Stanford?) that I have to be extra careful not to inadvertently say the same thing or praise every student equally, indiscriminately. If I have to write 'diligent' or 'intellectual capacity' one more time...

My colleague's plaintive notice pinned above his desk sums it up perfectly, with the agonizingly scrawled handwriting and all: "Absolutely No More References! Too many already!"


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