Boots 'n all

It is a very befuddling thing to be absolutely certain that you saw a brilliant pair of reddish-brown boots on a very fine young lady on TV --- only you have no recollection of what TV programme this was (possible Buffy? --- but reddish-brown isn't really her style), and you're fairly certain that no local shoe retailer would carry such a design anyway, because the paltry local boot selection is generally confined to plain black boots and footwear that's somehow necessary for what passes locally as "line dancing".

Now you know what clouds my brain when I'm supposed to be working all day.


At 5/15/2004 5:53 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Checking in from Paris...

I suppose you could look for the red boots when you hit the Pacific Northwest. There's an outlet mall in Seattle though the locals usually drive to Portland to shop because there's no tax there. Zappos is also a great place to oogle at shoes online.



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