Dreamt a little dream

It's a very strange thing to have an old crush appear in your dream, looking as hot as he did seven years ago. It's even stranger when in the dream, he and a whole bunch of people had come to stay in our little flat, though in typical dream fashion, the flat also looked huge enough to house twenty people at once.

I blame it on the rapid tumult of emotions that preceded sleep, viz.: massive guilt at spilling wine on Ru and Neil, mild alleviation of that guilt after Ru's kind SMSes, total immersion in Polgara the Sorceress to quiet the mind down, followed by instant sleep.

Today, it's supposed to be a restful Saturday. Oh, except for the part where I was awakened at 10:20 am by a call from work (though I slept through the beep-beep of seven SMSes before that). And then where I had to log on for about two hours, not really doing anything so much as reading email, calling other people to make sure they acted on the email, and then obsessively refreshing my Inbox to make sure that all the replies to the emails are getting through.

I totally need to stop working for the Man.


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