A wrap-up of the news this week

I have to loiter online till work things are settled, so I might as well jot down a quite recap of this week's events while I'm at it.

(*) SMRT responded to the email feedback I sent them on Monday. Apparently, the "audio clips" are on trial 3-30 May and they'll "review" them after that. I know it's too much to hope that by "review", they mean "never play them evermore, and in fact, sink them to the bottom of the ocean a là Angel, only without any witnesses to help you find the spot and salvage them ever again". I'll settle for if they change the annoying jingle and speak in decent English rather than have voices yap at each other in harsh Singlish. (Singlish isn't always harsh; the stupid "audio clips" just chose to use that particular vernacular variant.)

(*) A former teacher of mine collapsed in school on Friday and passed away yesterday. She was one of my Economics lecturers in junior college. It's horrible for that to happen to anyone. I wasn't very close to her or anything, but she was a good teacher and a fine person, and now she's gone.

(*) W got a year older yesterday and he received from me, aside from his real gift, the right number of exclamation marks, in lieu of birthday candles, in a birthday email. Alas, I was eventually late for the nativity festivities thanks to the Man. Meanwhile, T and Ru had the oilest fish dish ever, and W did not get a happy-clappy birthday song from the Mezza9 crew because we, uh, spared him. Come to think of it, we didn't even hum our usual birthday song!

(*) I really slacked off at work this week, not so much from procrastinating as from being efficient (shhh, don't tell me bosses). I did my work, and then there was no work left, and then with impeccable timing, the last burst of work --- courtesy of the Man --- descended upon me at precisely 5 pm on Friday. Bah.

Okay, I'm now officially off-duty and going to hang with EH, so as to get as far away from a work email connection as possible. I want my weekend now now now!


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