Vacation packing list, circa early May 2004

Nothing like having a dream about having to leave for the June vacation stat without having packed properly, to make me want to draw up a packing list right now.

In the dream, I was totally not packed, natch, and for some reason we had to be at the airport at 11 am for a 1 pm flight, only the "afternoon" whizzed by and by the time we were leaving for the airport, it was evening but strangely no one was the least bit concerned about the possibility of having missed the flight --- and I woke up with the strongly sinking realisation that I left my lovely brown leather jacket behind.

Oh, and the "we" in the dream, whoever they were, they weren't the husband, cousin and cousin-in-law with whom I'm travelling in June. Nor was it the old crush from last night's dream, nor indeed, anyone recognisable as an acquaintance of mine. I got the distinct sense that they were family, though.

Okay, so before this totally turns into a dream blog, let me get on with my packing list:

1) Brown leather jacket - more a vanity item than anything, but I haven't worn it since I bought it in 2002, so hey.
2) Dark blue jeans
3) Light blue jeans - these are the only two pairs of jeans I have
4) White top - looks excellent with jeans
5) Maroon top - not as excellent, but highly comfortable, its velvety fabric looks a little dressy, and it travels well
6) Green mock-neck top - I wish I had more of this in my wardrobe in general
7) Long-sleeved dark green mock-neck top - too hot in Singapore to wear it, will come in handy if the Pacific Northwest turns a little chilly
8) Blue top - utilitarian, rather than fashionable, never leave home without it
9) Rockport shoes - the same pair I bought in Vancouver in 2000 to replace my fondly remembered Timberlands that gave up the ghost the moment they got to Canadian shores, after seven long years of service
10) Socks - duh
11) Underwear - double duh
12) Something to pass as pajamas, since I don't actually own any

Five tops is probably two too few, but I'll sort through my wardrobe and add to the list later. The important thing is that everything fits into my little wheelie, so that we don't have a car space crisis when we pick up our rental. Also, T is bugging me to go look at his photos, so I'm going to post and run. Ta!


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