I've been really wanting to blog, because I have the clean new template which makes me feel loved and pampered, but such is the way of things in the universe that no particularly witty zinger or riveting web-read or anything at all, really, comes to mind.

This is not to imply that I've been walking around empty-headed since I changed the blog template yesterday. I have, as usual, sacrificed my fair share of braincells while thinking about work. I'm reading Love in the Time of Cholera, so that's fair exercise for the mind while riding the train to and from work. And I haven't zbeen watching much TV since Monday night's marathon, so that's some braincells that have been given a slightly longer lease of life.

On the other hand, I haven't really been eating, either, since I still have this residual feeling of fullness from Monday night's fast food frenzy...

Tonight there might be cheese and crackers, and possibly bread, if the remainder of the baguette hasn't solidified into grainy granite yet.


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