The Witching Hour

It's almost midnight and I just closed my work-email Inbox. *sigh* It's been one of those days. If not for the 2½-hour meeting this morning, another 3-hour one in the afternoon, and the fact that I'm on course all tomorrow and going out tomorrow night (rendering me offline practically all day), I wouldn't've had to stay up to finish this work tonight. But such is my life.

Tomorrow, I'll see The Wedding Banquet --- The Musical. Loved the movie, haven't read any reviews of the musical yet, since I spent about $100 on the ticket and can't bear to know ahead of time whether it's rocked or sucked. Just tried to find a website for it, only to have Google inform me that Yahoo News and Channel News Asia both reported that the musical producers had practiced self-censorship in the interests of not offending the audience (or TPTB*?) with too much actual portrayal of, you know, a gay relationship.

Argh. I overshot the time. This will be posted on 27 August instead of 26 August. Ah well.

I might as well take the time to note that it suddenly stormed like hell this evening at some point after 10 pm, only to taper off into, well, nothing about half an hour ago. I'm a little disappointed with these paltry thunderstorms. Not much fear-of-god stuff going on out there, guys!

TPTB = The Powers That Be. Fuller definition here.


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