Chickenshit, cowardly, lily-livered whinebags

Parents feel pinch of enrichment courses -- Today Online

Apparently, the current standard of local journalism condones an investigative report that carries four comments by two anonymous members of the public, including the original (and loudest) complainant, and only one by a person who consented to be named. Admittedly, the named person gave a positive comment, while the other two were, well, complaining. But if you think something is important enough to warrant a national newspaper's attention, shouldn't you at least be gutsy enough to stick your name to it? More importantly, if you're a national newspaper, shouldn't you have reliable named sources rather than run the equivalent of hearsay?

Plus I have my suspicions that the two anonymous sources are really the same one. But that's just my instinct (or maybe crabbiness).

Good thing it's a free newspaper.


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