Lazy Sunday

I think being online for 4½ hours at one go is a pretty good definition of a Lazy Sunday, don't you?

Anyway, I just wasted some time laughing at some of the funniest banner ads about TV shows: TWoP Pixel Challenge #59: Banner Ads We'd Like To See

TWoP is an awesome website, if you've got a skin thick enough to bear the snark. And some of those banner ads are just priceless.

The apartment's wind tunnel is no more. I shut the window here in the computer room because I was starting to smell the incense and paper that people are burning for the Seventh Moon. I'd rather have no wind than a layer of soot on my floor.

We're celebrating the end of the Tan-Oehlers' scholarship bonds today. Technically, the bonds ended several weeks ago, but we only got round to making dinner plans for tonight. If you didn't know already, keep your calendars free for July 14, 2005, when I'm going to have my end-of-bond bash. I can't wait!!


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