7:35 pm

Today was the day of trying to leave work and being repeatedly delayed.

First there was the email telling me my first draft wasn't good enough. That sucked, because I'd thought I'd done a good draft.

Then there was Lotus Notes crashing my email for the fourth time today --- this was at 6:20pm, by the way --- just when my email was perfectly composed. Every time Notes freaks out, I have to reboot, which takes at least 5 minutes, what with the entering of passwords and automatic launching of software crap and all.

Oh, and of course when I actually finished my work and wanted to shut down the computer, I wound up rebooting it instead. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I'VE HAD TO DO TO IT ALL DAY.

Then I helped my colleague proofread something that had been translated from Chinese to English. I learned that while I recognise the Chinese characters for "donation", I have zero recollection as to how to pronounce them.

Finally, I left the office, left the building, got to the train station --- and promptly ran into my ex-classmate Lian. She's having the ex-classmate karma, because she ran into another of our ex-classmates just yesterday. We were really good friends in school and even traded old-fashioned snailmail all the way through college, but sometimes it's harder to keep in touch when in the same country. She's been at her current job a year and I didn't even know she'd switched jobs. She lives near where I work, but this is the first time we've run into each other.

But eventually, I got to my train and now I'm on my way home.

Composed on my Clie at 7:35pm --- because my Clie isn't high-tech enough to be all wi-fi and Bluetoothed and shit.


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