Not about me

Well, not specifically about me.

I don't feel particularly inspired to write about my own life, so I'll write instead about what I've been reading.

Offline reading: The Stone of Farewell, Tad Williams
Yes, I finally finished The Dragonbone Chair (it really whisks you to the end, that one) and am on to the second book. What I like about this one is that even though the action is going on in about five different places (also achieved in other great fantasy books like The Lord of the Rings), you don't feel like you're leaping about. It reads logically that in one chapter you're with Miriamele in Perdruin and the next with Simon and Binabik in Yiqanuc. I like.

Online reading:

Whatever, by John Scalzi: Encouraging Independent Thought Since 1998. If I stuck to updating my Thoughts website, maybe I could have a tagline like that too. Not to be outdone, Scalzi's also got an AOLjournal going: By The Way. It's my dream --- he gets paid to blog!

Tomato Nation has been entertaining me for several years now and Sars still rocks my world. (Yes, she goes by "Sars" online; she was around before the virus, okay?)

Then there's Wil Wheaton dot Net, which I read today because we just watched ST:Nemesis on DVD, but which is good to read any day. He's such a nice boy, you know?

That's all for now. I must sleep. Big day tomorrow. I sense a great disturbance in the Civil Service infrastructure in which I work.


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