Windy City

I just had to add how windy it's been with all the rain we're having. Last night, we had only one window open and it admitted plenty of welcome circulation (and not too much rain-spatter). Today we've got more windows open, and every now and then the wind really whips itself up through the little wind tunnel we've got going through our apartment. I had to start putting heavy items on our little bits and pieces of paper (courtesy T's habit of leaving receipts wherever he goes, like a breadcrumb trail) to make sure nothing was inadvertently blown out the window.

The downside to this is that the Seventh Moon ge tai* cacophony has gotten started downstairs. If I want to enjoy the wind, I gotta put up with the noise. Last night, I watched Spirited Away to the soundtrack of the ge tai.

Sigh. Only in Singapore, dammit.

* Ge tai is this Singapore Chinese Seventh Moon (i.e. of the Lunar calendar, not necessarily in July) tradition, where makeshift stages are set up in housing estates, and they run auctions of stuff that you can burn for your ancestors, and along the way there's a lot of noise and sometimes sleazy performances of singing and dancing too. I don't get it at all. I don't even know who sets up these auctions/performances. It's for the ghosts, but T assures me it's run by human beings for a tidy profit.


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