It's almost 5 pm!

Can you sense my jubilation?

Of course, I'm working tomorrow (Saturday), which is why I'm entitled to go off at 5 pm. To those of you to whom that sounds like unfair working conditions, remember that we keep 5½ day weeks where I work.

It has been an unexciting couple of days, hence the lack of blogging. Of course, most of Singapore is in a tizzy over the murder at the local university that I blogged about last time, but I prefer not to read that kind of news. Bad enough it happened; the media frenzy is just --- ugh. One of the Chinese language tabloids devoted six pages of their coverage to it. The poor family.

/bitch on
Someone just yelled to ask what our office fax number is. I don't blame the person for forgetting, 'cause sometimes I blank out on the most basic of information --- the other night, I couldn't remember how old my dad was and had to painstakingly count the years --- but do you have to yell to ask the entire office?

/bitch off

5:05 pm! I'm outta here.


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