Busy busy day. It began at 4:45 am with getting out of bed and into the shower, in order to pick up Terz's colleague by 5:30 and head to the national examination distribution center to collect exam papers at 6 am. We were off next to our respective schools to administer said exams.

After the morning exam, I skipped lunch because I had promised to show a couple of colleagues how to use Backflip, then made sure the afternoon exam was off and running before taking myself off-duty. My colleague and I had a late lunch at 3:45 pm, then I had to swing by the university to turn in my 15-page paper before meeting Tris [Ed: Name edited] for dinner. Tris is my best friend and was my bridesmaid. For all that we have completely different friends and mismatched paces of life now, we still hang out every couple of months. Before today, I hadn't seen her since June and she's vacation-bound next week, so I thought I'd better catch her while I could today.

And that was a really long paragraph.

Post-Tris rendezvous, I'm headed for an hour and a half of tuition before I get to go home and hit the sack. Thank goodness I only have to make the exam run three more times. Terz has a good three weeks to go.


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