Okay, even more bizarre than the drivers with cellphone hands-free kits are those who walk around plugged into those sets, which look like they're Walkman earphones except that the guy seems to be talking to himself in a very self-obsessed way or maybe to an imaginary friend right in front of him. I mean, his eyes appear to be focused on something, but not quite. I'm pretty sure I don't look that weird when I walk around talking to myself --- and I've done that just fine for years without a cellphone.

Oh god, he just called someone else to pick up a conversation, and he just called the local (Gurmit Singh) film One Leg Kicking an example of "local art". If he keeps this up, I'm going to know more about his life from his fifteen-minute monologue than you'd learn about me from the past couple months' worth of web journal entries.

Oh god (again), he's in the advertising business. And looking for a new job 'cause his contract ends in a few weeks' time, and he's heard that recommendations open doors better than sending out letters, and he's got a job offer from the River Valley place, but even though it's near (down)town, his first choice is some other place that's near his home but that hasn't offered him a job yet --- which I'm going to assume has something to do with his self-confessed ability to be late for work even when the office is near to home.


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