Today has already been a very thought-ful morning. Allow me to share.

You know Cusson's Imperial Leather Soap? They had that TV ad where they carved family figurines out of competing brands of soap and of course the Cusson's ones had melted less after they ran both sets through water. I've been using the same bar of their soap for about a month now, and while the soap itself has diminished as expected in size and has had to be reinforced with a new bar, I noticed in the shower this morning that the ostensibly paper label on the top of the soap that has the brand printed on it has barely fractured or even been worn away at the edges. Ladies and gentlemen, Cusson's has had the secret formula for waterproof paper this whole time and they've been sitting on it so that they can be the only soap whose brand name you can't wash away.

The other revelation of the morning shower, though this one's been building for a while, is how great Eversoft shower cream is. I only bought it 'cause it was cheap, came in a green bottle that matched all my other bottles of toiletries and hence the decor of my shower stall (I'll have you know it was a close fight between the dark green Lux and this apple green Eversoft, but the Lux cost more), and I know some people who use it. But after three mornings of avid Eversoft use, it's made me excited about taking a shower again.

(Good ad slogan, eh? I'm expecting the check any day now...)

But back to Eversoft. Firstly, it lathers better than anything I've ever tried, and the tiniest blob of shower cream will do the trick. I pumped too ambitious an amount onto my sponge on the first morning and damn near had a bubble bath going in my shower stall.

Secondly, it smells heavenly. Not in a cloying or in a wannabe perfume sort of way, but with a mild, ideal-bathroom fragrance. Now I know what the hotels use.

And you know what? This stuff claims to moisturize and it truly does, also without that stickiness that can be a hazard of admitting any moisturizing substance onto one's skin in the tropics.


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