The many uses of a cellphone

9:19 am --- To confirm that bowb's baby is due any minute now!
I'm quite excited about all the babies about to be born in the next few months (five), especially as they will have fine, fine parents. Better yet, two were "surprise!" conceptions and the other three will be additions to a non-Singapore population, so the local government's latest procreation policy has not had one whit of success within my social circle. Take that, baby bonus!

10:04 am --- To confirm with a friend that I was actually going to call her in a few minutes.
This friend lives in Singapore too, but her life is busier than if she had three children and two jobs (like me, she in fact has none and one respectively). As she was, indeed, free to chat, we had a lovely one-hour romp through our worlds of work, fun and husbandy.

12:30 pm --- To pick the brains of friends more well-educated in literary criticism than I am.
You think SMS only for simple chitchat like "Where to meet?" and "Sorry, going to be late", is it?

12:35 pm --- To have one's literary ruminations interrupted by an SMS summons from the husband: "Bring me toilet paper, please."

12:45 pm --- To be updated by Sprite on the latest essay bloopers uncovered in her year-end marking frenzy.

Where would I be without thee, cellphone?


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