An open invitation

We have what is ostensibly half a chocolate cake in the fridge, because my aunt received a whole cake in celebration of her nephew's engagement and she passed half off to me so that she and my uncle won't eat it all and then have to move into the gym for the rest of this week.

The cake portion really isn't that large. I peeked into the box just now and I'd say it's equivalent to either two Packrat-sized slices or three me-sized slices or six friends who are thirtysomething and bemoan our declining metabolic rate-sized slices.

The upshot of all this preamble is that anyone who wants to eat chocolate cake, feel free to drop by tomorrow evening and carve yourself a portion. (Sorry, cannot be Tuesday because I have signed up for death by kickboxing that evening.) The cake box is delightfully labelled "Cherub's Love", adorned with drawings of what I assume are cherubs, though the rendering seems to be an eight-year-old's so I'm not sure. It promises, "This fresh cake with original goodness and flavor that something delicious for everyone and sweets make a very special." (Sounds like Engrish to me.) If I had a camera that took decent pictures in artificial light, I would have a picture here to entice you. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyhow, just SMS to let us know if you're coming. Don't shy, don't shy!


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