Bits 'n pieces of the weekend

"That is the worst excuse ever!" --- the best friend, upon learning that I'd cancelled jogging plans today because Terz and I got our hair highlighted yesterday and we're not supposed to wash it for a couple of days.
Even if it's the worst excuse ever, I managed to get all these things done instead, so it was hardly a wasted weekend:

As a bonus, I got to meet Adri of Popagandhi. It was one of the least awkward instances I've had of meeting someone in person whom I'd already encountered on the internet. I first admired her mighty Mac evangelist skills from the side, while waiting for her to be done with some customers, and then contact was established, CD and blog-related chitchat exchanged, and we got to marvel at what a small place Singapore is.

This makes it two days in a row that I've voluntarily hauled myself down to Orchard Road on the weekend. In return, I've got a new haircut, a new(ish) CD and enough food to last us till Wednesday. A decent trade-off, I think.


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