Dinner and then some

It's not every day we have racially harmonious meals. Here's what was on tonight's menu, according to Singapore's peculiar classification of local racial groups:

  • Chinese: Beef noodle soup, rice and mixed veggies;
  • Malay: Chicken and mutton satay and ketupat;
  • Indian: Tandoori chicken, chick peas and naan;
  • Others: Pork knuckle and otah-otah.

Plus beer and Snapple to wind the whole meal up. It was completely spontaneous, the assembly of food, not like we were trying to show off national pride or anything. Pity the lighting was no good for Terz's phone camera to memorialize the moment, or we'd have a picture too, and schools could use it to teach their kids how to put together a racially harmonious and nationally educational meal.

In other "national education" news, the other night, we were at Ocho's and when Terz's tapas arrived, Casey and Jiamei proclaimed, "It's like Western dim sum!"

Okay, now for real national news. The Great Egg Shortage is almost over. Malaysian chickens and eggs from selected farms are now allowed back into the country. Everyone sing along together now, to I Love Egg!

By the way, my egg entry earned me two shout-outs in Mr Brown's latest column in Today. It could in fact have been three shout-outs, except that I don't think he knows how I'm connected to the third one. At least, not till I email him tomorrow (promise!).


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