Who's your boss?

Exhibit A
My current boss, with whom I had a most excellent conversation yesterday morning, culminating in my first actual moment of sadness that I'm leaving the job next year because I really, really like working with her.

I couldn't've asked for a better pick-me-up, given that it's been a really shitty week at work (what's new) through which I've stumbled, zombie-like, through the miasma of deadlines, knowing that the work's out there but having no idea where to begin actually doing it. Not that the one conversation changes everything, but to be able to have that frank, that open and honest of an exchange with someone I've worked with for less than a year --- it was enough to trigger a fleeting wish that I could stay. There are lots of work-related dynamics that are pushing me out the door, but the boss, suffice to say, isn't one of them.

Exhibit B
Potential boss from next year onwards, with whom I had drinks with last night. It's not that I make it a habit to have drinks with potential bosses, but she's also a friend of EH and they had dinner last night and EH insisted I join them. Weak-minded fool that I am (plus Terz thought it was a good idea), I did. I probably talked a bit too much about work-related foo, but that's preferable to chumming it up too much, I think? Anyway, I still have good vibes about her. My fingers are crossed that the "more than 50% chance" she mentioned of my coming to work for her tilts heavily closer to 100% by year's end.

Exhibit C
Boss of someone I'll refer to just as my friend, because it's not the sort of thing where you want to get into the details in public. The long and short of it is that it's a classic example of being victimised by politicking and hypocrisy, and in the process my poor friend alone has borne the brunt of it. It enrages all who know him personally and professionally, but none of us are really in a position (of sufficient power) to do anything about it.

The moral of the story: For every Exhibit A, there's an Exhibit C (or more than one) ready to screw over decent, hardworking people. And you never really know till you're in the thick of it, which way the tide is turning. I hope my friend gets an Exhibit A on his next draw because, believe me when I say this, his time is due.


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