I'm weeding through my old Internet provider email account --- in preparation for discontinuing it altogether when I cancel my dial-up access --- and it turns out that since March, I've been getting emails from local nightspot China Jump, enticing me with all sorts of drink promotions and good service. Correction: I've been getting spam from them. They're not the only spammers --- there was 6.33 MB worth of spam in my account when I logged on for the first time this year, most of it Singapore-oriented --- but they're the most visible ones because it's a fairly prominent establishment and, more critically, I've never been there and certainly never given them my email address, so the facts are pretty damning.

I can't say I'm going to boycott China Jump, since I've yet to set foot in the place. However, if I ever get dragooned into the place, I will ask to see the manager and inquire as to how my email address wound up on his establishment's mailing list, and how many free drinks he's going to offer me for my inconvenience.


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