I was gonna try and figure out a way to add images to my blog, but Flickr doesn't allow you to simultaneously post multiple images in one blog post, so I think I'm going to stick with the old-fashioned way of describing the ideas in words.

To wit, upon reordering our fiction yesterday, I found that we have:
  • Many Austens: all six novels, in fact (excluding the juvenilia);
  • Many Brontes: 5 Jane Eyres and 2 Wuthering Heightses;
  • And way too many Thomas Hardys: 2 Far From the Madding Crowds, 2 Return of the Natives, 2 The Mayor of Casterbridges, and 3 Tess of the D'Urbervilles.
See what happens when two lit majors/lit teachers get married? Although I think I'm singlehandedly responsible for the Austens, since I took a class on her. We also have double or triple copies of other books, but the three categories above were the ones that made me tear my hair out --- because really, if only we cut out the extra copies, we would have actual free space on our shelves for all the other books we want to buy.

But the other thing about two lit majors/lit teachers who get married, is that we cannot bear to part with any books that have resided with us for more than a week, even if we've never read them. (For the record, I have read all of the abovementioned titles.)

In other bookshelf news, I've found our copy of Peter Carey's Oscar and Lucinda, which I've been meaning to read for eons. Interestingly, Colin Cheong's Seventeen is now sandwiched between Carey and Kate Chopin, Claire Tham's Swimming continues to snuggle between Tarantino and Thackeray, and Judy Blume is squished between Julian Barnes and a novel I've never seen before by Edna Brodber. None of this beats the time I saw our friend X's novel at MPH, filed under his last name beginning with K, right next to the likes of Milan Kundera, no less.

Edited to add: The above isn't meant to impugn Flickr's user-friendliness. While I sorely wish it had the ablity to post multiple images in one blog post, Flickr overall is one nifty tool and user-friendly in a way that most web applications aren't. If you happen to run through the registration process, take a closer look at how they phrase some of the usual questions and requirements. Very, very friendly and straight-talking, without condescending to users. Maybe that comes from being Canadian.


At 8/01/2004 11:32 am , Blogger Agagooga said...

There's blogger Hellobot too. Try using that.

Xiaxue uses it to post multiple images.


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