Drifting through the afternoon

I thought I was annoyed by the National Day Parade moblog thing, but Re-minisce really has an axe to grind about the whole Parade.
(Link courtesy of Mr Brown.)

A little more web surfing led me to a former teacher's blog --- which through a little more inquisitive investigation I realised is a current colleague's blog --- at which point I promptly closed that browser window lest she espy me from across the office. I've known for a while that she has a blog, but it blows my mind at how quickly I've found it without even trying. Now I wonder if she knows mine?

Well, I just did some basic Googling of myself and it doesn't seem to throw up anything that isn't either work-related or *ick* possibly porn-related, so I think my secret identity is safe --- for now.


At 7/27/2004 10:32 am , Blogger Kay said...


within brackets < > , coz I couldn't post this otherwise...

...is a fairly useful line to put in at the start of your blog, if you prefer to not turn up in searches, etc. =)

At 7/28/2004 12:14 am , Blogger Tym said...

Actually, I don't mind turning up in searches. I decided many years ago when I had my first real website, that I'd have to be prepared for literally anyone reading my crap. (Parents would be the scariest still, I think.)

For that matter, even a search for my name + Robotech turns up my really old contributions to the Robotech FAQ --- and that was back when "browsing the web" still meant using Lynx!!


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