9:05 am
I arrive at work and take the elevator up with the same two people that I rode down with when I left work yesterday. This, in a building of about 1,500 employees.

9:10 am
My email is flooded with messages, triggered by a 7:54 am message that prompted a whole bunch of people to wail, "Why did I receive this email? I'm not on this mailing list!" Imagine the following from an episode of The West Wing:
MARGARET: You having problems with your e-mail?
TOBY: Yeah.
MARGARET: Technical support says the pipeline's been flooded. Apparently it happened when I forwarded an e-mail to several people, and one of them tried to reply. Everyone's e-mail box is clogged with replies, which are now, automatically and constantly bounding back and forth at subatomic speed... [pause] I passed the where you're interested, haven't I?
TOBY: Yeah.

And you know what? I watched that very episode ("Let Bartlet Be Bartlet") last night. I now feel their pain because I have 28 messages of the "Me, too!" variety in my email and I can't actually open any of my work-related email.

9:30 am
Email seems to be working now. Rats.


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