Saturday afternoon shopping

I should read advertisements more carefully, so that I don't organise a mid-Saturday expedition to Kinokuniya, only to find out that it's 20% off sale applies only to its 20th-anniversary-celebrating Liang Court outlet. The staff at the main Ngee Ann City outlet didn't look too pleased with me when I told them I wasn't buying anything then, but them's the breaks.

Books I wanted to buy, but only if they were 20% off:
(+) Midnight's Children, Salman Rushdie
(+) Misconceptions, Naomi Wolf
(+) How To Be Alone, Jonathan Franzen
(+) Birthday Letters, Ted Hughes

Meanwhile, over at Watson's and HMV, the sales signs were for real, so EH and I stocked up on toiletries and DVDs. My latter acquisitions were purely chick flicks: Roman Holiday, which was a chick flick before they invented the term, and Bend It Like Beckham, whose cast has more chemistry than all of Sandra Bullock's films put together.

In other news, the heavens remembered how to rain, and the denizens of earth danced and rejoiced.


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