Alas, poor Nicoll --- we knew thee well

Nicoll Highway has collapsed --- as told by my mother, ChannelNews Asia and the Straits Times. (I'm not linking to the websites because their servers are currently overloaded and unable to load any relevant pages. Er ... also, my mother has no website.)

So here's my version of the news, as transmitted via SMS between a friend and I:

ME: Fyi, in case you're travelling east, Nicoll Highway's collapsed, road's closed. ... I hear they're evacuating buildings in case they collapse.
HIM: Oh my god! It's the end of the world! Loot! Pillage! Every man for himself! Women and children first - to clear the landmines!
ME: You are clearly in a skiving mood again.
I hope things aren't as bad as speculation makes them sound --- though I also admit that I'm more sentimental about the bridge at the moment. Perhaps, as a child of the TV generation, things will only sink in when I see the footage on the news tonight.


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