What I wouldn't give for a little Evanstonian windchill right now

That's my way of telling you how bloody hot it's been in Singapore today. In fact, I don't think I ever used the phrase 'bloody hot' so much till I moved back here from more temperate climes.

In other news, our bedroom lightbulb has given up the ghost. Its demise was heralded by all lights going out in the apartment last night --- though strangely enough, all the power points were intact, so the only light we had for a bit was the glow of my computer monitor. We procrastinated buying a new bulb today, so this means we can't read in bed until we get a new one. Anyone want to take bets on how long this will take us? I'm guessing at least a week. We excel at procrastination, we two.

Of course, while keeping track of household essentials can be procrastinated, T absolutely had to rent the Band of Brothers DVDs once he spotted them in the store today. I talked him down to just half the season, instead of a full set, since we only get to keep the DVDs for a week --- but I think I underestimated his capacity to enjoy nonstop faux military footage. He's still overdosing on it now as we speak. I predict I'll be hearing machine gun rattle from my TV set all week.


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