I still haven't gotten in touch with my Philly friend, so I don't know if I'm going to take up United's $109 offer or not. The trick is, reworking the trip will put me back in Singapore (assuming flights are available) the night before I'm supposed to go back to work, thereby eliminating the couple of free days at home I had planned, to get over jet-lag, get acclimatized to Singapore's heat, and to basically psyche myself up (down?) for work again. I haven't yet decided if I should take that risk. It's no fun coming back from a vacation, only to have to plunge yourself immediately back into Real Life, which negates any positive aftereffects of that vacation.


I'm also debating if I will join T in Hong Kong for two days. He'll be there in mid-June; unfortunately, the dates are also mid-week, which means I'd take leave Tuesday-Thursday of that week, but still have to work Monday and Friday. Is that better or worse than taking long weekends? Hm.


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