For the record, yesterday morning was a wretched morning. It began with me ruining my only (and well-loved) black skirt that's suitable for work because I failed to check the iron setting before I applied the hot iron to the black cloth --- and voila, an irrevocably damaged skirt, achieved by a splitsecond gesture, brought to you courtesy of Tym's pre-caffeinated brain. To be fair to the iron, I wasn't even that sleepy when I decided I wanted to iron and wear that skirt yesterday. It was my fault for not checking, plain and simple. But that didn't stop me from being grumpy about it and staring at the melted material for a good five minutes afterwards

Naturally, that meant I had to pick out another outfit for work --- no easy task considering that most of my work clothes were sitting on the ironing board and I wasn't about to risk that again. (Also, I had to wait for the iron to cool down so I could clean off the black gunk.) After I picked out my outfit, I couldn't find a necklace that would go with it --- a necklace I distinctly remembered wearing just last week and I know it's either in front of the TV or in front of my computer or by the bed (you can see where I spend most of my time in the house), but I couldn't find it. It's not a major crisis to go to work unaccessorized --- not as bad as having no suitable work clothes to wear --- but it bugged me. And this was after I had to get out of the shower twice because I forgot to replace some toiletries.

Anyway. The rest of the day did not go badly, so I wasn't grumpy that long. I'm just glad I haven't spent much this past week so I have enough to go buy a functional black work skirt without breaking the bank.

Today, in contrast, was restful and calm. I even found the energy to begin overhauling my roleplay character pages (in the virtual identities section of this website), which are so outdated it looks like I've abandoned them. But I haven't! I've even figured out the basics of style sheets and I'm working towards updating the Terise section first. Go me.


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