Happy Labor Day! Of course, it's curious that we have Labor Day in Singapore when we have no real labor movements to speak of, but I'll take what I can get, in terms of getting a day off work. And it's a Wednesday off work too, which neatly divides my week in half, making it automatically Not So Bad in terms of corporate cubicle drudgery.

Work's been kinda blah this week. A lot of headless chicken moments, interspersed with other moments of nothingness stretching out before me. And yes, there have been only two days of work so far. The next two days will be phenomenally busy, so I need my Labor Day's rest after all.

Last night, we rented movies: Metropolis (the recent anime, not the movie with, I think, James Spader in it), U-571 (T's choice), The House of Mirth (my choice), Water Boys (a Japanese film that looked funny from what we saw playing in the video store) and Taxi 2 (in that grand French tradition of cab drivers-turned-speedracers empower to chase cops). I love our video store. Even though one time they deducted $1,000 from my debit card instead of $100, they have been so nice and forthcoming and waiving-of-late-fees all this while that I can forgive them that.

Oh, and now I find out that May Day does indeed have some Communist roots. It's funny it's still a public hoilday here in Singapore then. I don't think it's been kosher to be a practicing Communist here since the '60s.

Woo hoo! We're having satay for dinner at my aunt's tonight. We just got invited by my cousin, whom I haven't seen in several weeks even though we SMS/text-message each other all the time.

Satay, by the way, is marinated meat on a stick, like kebabs except that each stick only has meat, with no veggies in the way. It's a Malay thing, and there's only one kind of meat on the stick: chicken, mutton, beef or, for the more adventurous, cow stomach. I like mutton the best --- chicken's too bland, beef's usually a little too tough, and cow stomach's too much of an acquired taste. So you cook the meat sticks over a fire, then you dip them in spicy peanut sauce and that's dinner. Usually there's raw cucumber and onions on the side too, that you can dip into the same peanut sauce, so that it can masquerade as a balanced meal.

It's now 2 pm, by the way. I think it's time to rest the computer and spend some time with my husband and the DVDs instead.


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