Okay, I have to go to sleep soon, 'cause I have to be at work on time for an eight o'clock meeting, and T has already packed it in for the night, and I really should stop surfing the web.

However, I thought I would edify and perhaps entertain you, O reader, with a brief journal entry before I log off and shut down.

(Except that I'm not really shutting down --- I mean, my computer will be shut down but I will just go to bed in a far more prosaic fashion.)

Yesterday was a day of surfing the internet at work. Today was a day of doing Real Work. It began with a speech for an event that was only confirmed yesterday. Fortunately, the draft speech was fifteen poorly written paragraphs, and by the time I was done tweaking it, it had settled at a neat nine-paragraph length. It's not for a major event (hence the last-minute nature of the whole thing) but I hate writing things at such short notice. For the previous speech I wrote, I had three lovely weeks to mull over the thing and it's my favoritest speech yet. You can read it here.

Despite having much work to do, and two meetings to attend, I didn't have to stay beyond six-thirty pm today. Yesterday, I got to stroll out of the office at five-thirty pm --- on the dot! 'Twas a miracle. It felt bizarre to be in the elevator going down and walking out of the building with all these other people. Usually it's just me by the time I leave. Anyhow, the reason I left early yesterday --- other than not having much to do --- was 'cause T came by to pick me after some course he attended in town and we went to my aunt's. She's decluttering her house and fobbing stuff on to us --- including a neato carved Chinese-y desk and some paintings and a box of teacups. My aunt has exquisite taste. I have no money. It's a nice relationship we have.

And now T has come to growl at me for not going to bed yet, so I must flee the keyboard.


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